Vendor Managed Inventory Services (VMI)

Index Packaging performs Vendor Managed Inventory Services for many customers through the New England area. This service allows you to run a lean manufacturing facility and enjoy the many benefits of such. Index Packaging will inventory your items, perform on-site VMI weekly, and deliver all items to your facility within a 24-hour period of time if needed.

How Our VMI Service Works

  1. Index Sales Representatives perform weekly inventory count at your location and release product based on a min/max level.
  2. Index Sales Representatives generate a release from your location via iPad or Tablet directly to an inside customer service representative at Index.
  3. Customer Service creates an inside order for all items to be pulled from inventory.
  4. Warehouse workers pull all items and confirm back to customer service based on exact items pulled and paperwork is adjusted accordingly.
  5. Trucking is notified of completed order and delivery is scheduled for the following day or any day you have designated for deliveries.

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