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    Anti-Static Foam Packaging

    Index Packaging designs and manufactures custom anti-static foam box inserts to your specs for a variety of shipping and packaging applications to prevent electrostatic discharge. Common applications include packaging of sensitive circuit boards, resistors, computer chips, and other electronics. 

    All antistatic foam sheets, boxes, planks, blocks, and inserts are custom-made from your choice of anti-static polyurethane (PU) or anti-static polyethylene (PE) foam. Everything is made in the USA in our New Hampshire fabrication facilities.

    We can recommend the best foam density based on the fragility of your product; handling, temperature, and transportation conditions; cushioning requirement calculations; vibration assessments; product design considerations; and presentation aesthetics for branding.

    In addition to custom anti-static foam packaging products, shop our in-stock, ready-to-ship antistatic PU foam EzeeShip’rs, Pinch-N-Tear Grid Packs, EzeeTear, and Ezee Plain precut convoluted foam sets.

    Anti-Static PU Foam

    Absorbs shock and recovers its shape quickly.

    • Ideal for electronic component packaging.
    • Open-cell antistatic foam is available in one color only – pink.
    • Lightweight and abrasion resistant.
    • Easily cut into pads, shapes, sheets, liners, or trays.
    • Can be fabricated as custom convoluted foam sets, cut to your specifications.

    Anti-Static PE Foam

    Durable and resilient, the perfect material for protecting products that are high in value and relatively fragile.

    • Ideal for surface protection and cushioning.
    • Closed-cell antistatic foam is available in one color only – pink.
    • Lightweight and resistant to tears and punctures.
    • Supports heavy items.
    • Excellent vibration dampening.
    • Easily cut into foam trays, planks, pads, blocks, or shapes.

    Anti-static foam inserts can be custom manufactured and sold separately or with boxes.

    Get pricing, ask questions, or schedule an on-site visit by using the Request Quote form, or call to speak with a packaging specialist at 603-509-2506, Monday-Friday, 7:30 am-4:30 pm Eastern Time.

    Get a Quote

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    Proudly Made in the USA

    Index Packaging was built on a foundation of service and quality that puts us among the leaders in the packaging industry. As a closely held corporation with more than 200 hardworking and dedicated employees at five facilities in New Hampshire—encompassing more than 290,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space—you can count on us for the experience and flexibility needed to make quick and intelligent decisions to meet your requirements efficiently and on time, no matter how small or large the project.