Recycled Pallets

Index Packaging, Inc. offers three grades of 48 x 40-inch recycled wood pallets distributed from our Milton, NH facility. 

Properly constructed and repaired, recycled pallets have a useful life far beyond their first trip.

Recycled Pallet Grades

#1 Premium (Special Sort)

  • A clean pallet with some discoloration
  • Hardwood/softwood
  • 5-1/2" Lead boards, high quality and good board grade
  • No stringer repairs

#1 Standard

  • A clean pallet with some discoloration
  • Hardwood/softwood
  • May have wide lead boards, but not a requirement
  • Stringers with plate repairs possible, no blocks

#3 Economy Pallet

  • Typically used for one-time shipping applications
  • Allowed unlimited stringer plate and block repairs
  • May be fully grey or black in color

Export Pallets ISPM-15 Certified 

When your product ships outside of the US on a wood pallet, it MUST comply with the International Phytosanitary Measure ISPM-15. Index Packaging, Inc. has an on-site heat treatment chamber and is certified to stamp pallets with the necessary mark to show your shipment is following this measure.



Please contact us using the form and we will reach out as soon as we have the manufacturing capacity for new client orders.