Recycled Pallets

Index Packaging, Inc. offers three grades of 48 x 40-inch recycled wood pallets distributed from our Milton, NH facility. 

Properly constructed and repaired, recycled pallets have a useful life far beyond their first trip.

Recycled Pallet Grades

#1 Premium (Special Sort)

  • A clean pallet with some discoloration
  • Hardwood/softwood
  • 5-1/2" Lead boards, high quality and good board grade
  • No stringer repairs

#1 Standard

  • A clean pallet with some discoloration
  • Hardwood/softwood
  • May have wide lead boards, but not a requirement
  • Stringers with plate repairs possible, no blocks

#3 Economy Pallet

  • Typically used for one-time shipping applications
  • Allowed unlimited stringer plate and block repairs
  • May be fully grey or black in color

Export Pallets ISPM-15 Certified 

When your product ships outside of the US on a wood pallet, it MUST comply with the International Phytosanitary Measure ISPM-15. Index Packaging, Inc. has an on-site heat treatment chamber and is certified to stamp pallets with the necessary mark to show your shipment is following this measure.


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