Foam-Lined Boxes for Shipping

In-stock or Custom Foam Shippers - Made in the USA


We manufacture custom foam-lined boxes with any combination of polyurethane, polyethylene or expanded polystyrene foam in a variety of colors and densities, made to your specs. In-house design and prototyping services are available at no cost to qualified buyers, delivered quickly. Ask about our responsive lead times to meet your manufacturing needs.  Call Tammy at 603-641-9814 ext 352 or use the form for estimates. 



EzeeShip'r convoluted foam-lined boxes are assembled with glued top foam and loose bottom foam pads. Equipped with front lock tabs for added security. Choose from a variety of standard ready-to-ship sizes or ask us to quote on a specific size and quantity. 

Perfect for shipping or storing small, shock-sensitive items. Each rugged EzeeShip'r crush-resistant convoluted foam-lined box (compression pack) includes a lock tab box and an installed interlocking set of thick egg crate polyurethane foam. Speed up your packaging production. Simply place your item in EzeeShip'r. Close the lid, lock the tabs, tape and ship.

GridPack shippers come with a pick and pluck foam insert (pinch and remove foam) to cradle products in the middle layer. Convoluted foam is glued to the top and the bottom of the box for product protection.Custom sizes and colors available by special order. Sold in case quantities only.

Laptop Mailers. Two sizes of universal laptop shipping boxes that can house up to eight different sizes of laptops and tablets. Each laptop mailing box comes pre-assembled with:

  • Corrugated, die cut shipping box

  • A set of multiple anti-static polyurethane foam inserts.

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  • Antistatic foam inserts are available in either polyurethane (open cell) or polyethylene (closed cell) foam which is ideal foam for shipping electronics and for protecting sensitive circuit boards, resistors, computer chips/

  • Multiple layer trays can be designed to economize space.

  • Convoluted (egg crate) foam inserts can be designed to stabilize and control product movement, cushion, resist impact and protect against breakage.

  • Other available foam inserts include: Die cut foam corners, die cut and glued end caps, two-part die cut foam trays for holding vials or circular pieces, three piece foam sets including both convoluted and die cut flat pads.

  • Expanded polystyrene (EPS) can be custom shaped to suit almost any need. With its excellent insulating properties, EPS box inserts are ideal for shipping any temperature sensitive product, and for fragile items like mason jar packaging.

  • The traditional and very economical insulating 6 panel EPS foam box inserts can be shipped to you flat with you putting them together as you need them. These foam panels are available in any size or thickness you require.


For assistance and estimates, call Tammy at 603-641-9814 ext 352 or use the form to email us!