Who We Are 

Index Packaging, Inc. is a growing, mid-size packaging company with the capacity to handle industrial accounts ofindex-packaging-headquarters-min3.png any size. Our five facilities in New Hampshire encompass more than 290,000 square feet outfitted with complete design, engineering, manufacturing/production, and warehousing equipment, plus distribution and transportation capabilities to handle quick-turn, VMI, or standard customer lead times. Our goal is to satisfy every customer, every time.

The company was built on a strict foundation of service and quality that puts us among the leaders in the packaging industry. With more than 200 hardworking and dedicated employees, Index Packaging has earned a reputation for efficient, high-quality design and production services, always adhering to our slogan, “Protection by Design”. As a closely held corporation, we have the freedom and flexibility to make the quick decisions that allow us to meet a customer’s requirements quickly and efficiently. 



Mindful of environmental impact, our in-house engineers work with customers to find the most cost-efficient, material-efficient configuration for their packaging solutions. We use the minimum materials necessary to create packaging products, while still ensuring a protective, high-quality result. 

In pallet and crate manufacturing, wood is treated using a completely natural, non-toxic practice where it is baked to a temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 30 minutes. This process removes organic compounds from the wood resulting in more stable timber that is insect-free and fungi-free, preventing invasive species from being transported. 

We work to recycle all extra foam and corrugated material leftover from the production process. And one of our best-selling products is our line of recycled pallets!



Index Packaging, Inc. was founded in 1968 by Bill and Connie Lander in the basement of their home in New York with the invention of the Tip(N)Tell Shipping Indicator. Patent rights to the Drop(N)Tell Shipping Indicator were purchased in 1978. The company moved to its current location in Milton, NH in 1981 where the custom wood, foam, corrugated, and warehousing operations grew rapidly. In 1997, Bruce Lander succeeded his father as president. Bruce oversaw 400% growth of the business during his tenure as president. In 2002 Index Packaging acquired Timbertech, a recycled and hardwood pallet manufacturer out of Hooksett, NH. In 2014, Bruce retired and sales manager Mike Wiles took over the helm of the company as president. In 2020, the company underwent its largest expansion ever, purchasing a building and property in Dover, NH to accommodate future plans for growth and evolution. In 2021, Plastifoam Company, based in Manchester, NH was acquired from the Langer family, who had a longtime working relationship with Index Packaging. The acquisition added manufacturing capabilities in expanded polystyrene (EPS) and increased capacity in urethane and ethylene foam fabrication.