Foam Corner Protectors for Shipping

EzeeCorners Safeguard Products from Shock, Impact and Abrasion 

EzeeCorner is our foam corner protection solution for heavyweight, high-value, or easily damaged products such as heavy ceramic objects, furniture, or to cushion "box-within-a-box" packaging. Made in USA at the Plastifoam division of Index Packaging, Inc.

Won't scratch sensitive surfaces. Withstands multiple impacts.

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Each reusable polyethylene EzeeCorner measures 3" x 3" x 3" and is available in color-coded 1", 1 1/2" and 2" wall thickness. Shipped and stored flat, they easily fold out and lock into place, forming a perfect ready-to-use corner every time.

EzeeCorners are sold by the case only. (Each 1" case = 150 corners, 1 1/2" case = 100 corners, 2" case = 80 corners). 

For discount pricing on 6+ cases call 603-641-9814 ext 352 or email quotes@plastifoam.com. Prices can be as low as $.358 per corner.

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Get the EzeeCorner Sample Kit for Testing 

If you're not sure which EzeeCorner size to order, try our EzeeCorner & EzeeStick P/E Sample Kit for $17.50. Three sizes of corner protectors and pads are included to help you find the right combination for corner protection, blocking and bracing.


Box corner protectors for shipping. EzeeCorners for packaging corner protection.

Foam Corner Cushions for "Box-within-a-Box" Packaging

Other filler materials may be totally eliminated when you use the correct inside and outside box sizes. For example, when using 2" EzeeCorner a 12" cube inner box would require a 16" cube outside shipping box for best results. For a complete corner, bracing, blocking and edge protection system you can use EzeeCorners with EzeeStick/PE foam pads. Contact us for guidance.


Please tell us if you need shipping boxes and cases to accompany Ezee products!

Watch the video below to see how to use EzeeCorners to ship a box within a box!

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