Custom ATA Cases & Shipping Crates for Equipment

Index Packaging, Inc. is a manufacturer of custom ATA flight cases, road cases, custom equipment trunks, and shipping crates with foam inserts to securely hold your products in transit, ready in 3-4 weeks from design to completion. We specialize in custom-designed cases for transporting:

  • Large medical devices
  • A/V equipment: large screens, mixers, sound boards for events
  • Digital musical instruments e.g., large keyboards
  • Microwave components
  • Industrial equipment
  • Aerospace parts
  • Instrumentation - optics, magnetics, controls
  • Large, odd size equipment of any type

Every part of each case, including the foam insert, is designed and custom made in-house to your specifications.  After collecting some initial information, we'll proceed in four steps.

  1. Meeting (on-site or via Zoom) to review your STEP files, product samples or prototypes, and gain a solid understanding of how your product is being shipped or transported so we can proceed with quoting and design.
  2. Design creation with CAD drawings as our deliverable, review process, and design approval.
  3. Sample/prototype development for testing.
  4. Full production and shipment.
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Design & Engineering
Index Packaging Inc. has an in-house design team that provides full-product manufacturing drawings to customers to ensure the correct fit and function have been achieved before production begins. Product drawings include multiple views of your case – inside and out – to help you verify that all aspects of your case have been included in the final design.

Case Construction
Cases are typically made with a laminate material consisting of ABS and high-grade plywood or lightweight fluted polypropylene (material details below), with aluminum edging and corner protection for stability and durability. Pull handles, chest handles, or casters may be added for ease of movement. Color options include any color; however a special-order minimum will apply to colors other than standard black.

Lead Time
We offer a 3-4 week turnaround time from initial design to completed product on all custom ATA cases that use standard hardware. Our own fleet of trucks can deliver directly to customers throughout New England.

Use the form below to provide some basic information to get started on pricing. We'll reach out with any questions as we begin. You may upload product images and drawings using this form. 

Custom ATA Flight Case Styles:

Heavy Duty
Maximum strength, most durable case offered
Many hardware options available
ABS laminated to plywood
Appropriate for solid-framed interior partitions

Reduced weight
ABS laminated to fluted polypropylene
Solid strength and durability
Limited hardware options

Lightest construction option available
ABS laminated to fluted polypropylene
Acceptable strength for lighter applications
Limited hardware options

Please use the form to start your quote request or inquiry!


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