Custom Packaging Design & Engineering

Protective foam package design and prototypes for testing - at no cost to qualified buyers, delivered quickly.

Custom foam packaging design for shipping

We can save you time and money with package design assistance and pre-manufacturing prototype samples.

New packaging designs are a direct result of having a close, cooperative relationship with our customers. Our engineers will meet with you and discuss all the factors that can help create a reliable packaging solution. This conversation includes:

  • Sharing either a physical sample of the product or a CAD (Computer Aided Design) model of the unit. 
  • Describing how the product will be packed.
  • Pointing out any special considerations during transit.

We then engineer the optimal solution and send the packaging design and/or prototype for your review and approval. Our staff offers more than 30 years of design and hands-on packaging experience using efficient CAD engineering.

Package design services include:

  • Utilizing a combination of the foam materials we manufacture or fabricate plus sourced materials including corrugated for a complete packaging solution.
  • Working with machines capable of cutting samples of foam, corrugated and wood for prototypes and small test runs.
  • Offering Packaging Improvement Programs and Consolidation/Standardization Programs. Let us know what you need!

Our practical experience in the use of various densities and combinations of materials allows us to provide unique designs that provide the proper cushioning and protection to meet specific needs. Often we are able to reduce tooling costs or even eliminate them by designing protective packaging inserts that do not require die cutting or molding.


To learn more about our packaging materials, check out the material specifications section of our website.

Call Tammy at 603-641-9814 ext. 352 or email info

We look forward to working with you!

"We are all very happy with the design for both the packaging and the box."
- Lisa S.

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Shipping Design Makeover: From Heavy Wood Blocking to Light EPS Foam

Custom packaging design - EPS foam box insert