EzeeTear Tear-to-Fit Convoluted Foam Box Liners

EzeeTear is our lightweight foam packaging solution that allows you to easily fit shock-resistant egg crate (convoluted) foam liners to any box or container. Made in USA at the Plastifoam division of Index Packaging, Inc.

Simply tear the foam along the pre-scored lines for a perfect fit every time. Use it to cushion and protect valuable, fragile and sensitive items during shipping or storage - such as cameras, guns, precision tools, gifts, delicate equipment, sensitive electronics or instruments.

EzeeTear's interlocking and non-abrasive foam fingers gently cradle products while firmly holding them in place. Tiny air cells cushion and protect the most delicate of objects, offering exceptional protection.

EzeeTear is a cost-effective alternative to custom-made foam inserts and pads, which typically require larger order quantities.

Egg crate packing foam - tear to fit any boxAnti-static egg crate foam for shipping and packaging electronics

Please tell us if you need shipping boxes and cases to accompany Ezee products!


EzeeTear sets consist of two interlocking 2.5" thick convoluted sheets, pre-scored into 2" squares for easy "pinch and tear" separation. EzeeTear is sold by the case. Each case contains 8 sets (16 sheets).

Available in Blue or Anti-static pink foam in 16 x 16" or 24 x 24" sheets.

EzeeTear convoluted packing foam for shipping boxes

Priced as low as $7.23 per set. For volume discounts call 603-641-9814 ext.352 or email quotes@plastifoam.com.

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Also Available Without Scoring

EzeePlain Convoluted Foam Sheets