Vial Packaging - Foam Trays, Holders, and Box Inserts for Shipping and Handling 

Shipping high-value glass vials and bottles demands expertly designed and manufactured packaging protection. Made in USA.

Custom foam vial shippers can be made specifically for packaging and shipping any configuration of glass tubes, bottles, Boston Rounds (with or without toppers) and vials. We offer a wide variety of solutions for organizing and protecting glass during shipment. We specialize in designing and fabricating custom foam inserts using any combination of PE, PU and EPS foam to meet your specifications, and can also provide corrugated shipping boxes for a complete solution. Index Packaging is one of the only fabricators in the Northeast with both soft and rigid foam die cutting on site.

Our packaging specialists will work with you to design, recommend and manufacture the best foam inserts based upon:

  • The fragility of your product
  • Handling and transportation conditions
  • Cushioning requirement calculations
  • Vibration assessments
  • Product design considerations
  • Vial holders and shippers can be manufactured with any combination of polyurethane, polyethylene and expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam along with corrugated box material.
  • Multiple layer trays can be designed to economize space.
  • Expanded polystyrene (EPS) can be custom shaped to suit almost any need. With its excellent insulating properties, EPS box inserts are ideal for shipping any temperature sensitive product, and for fragile and heavy items.

Your vial shippers will be fabricated to absorb shock and provide cushioning to protect glass. 

For assistance and estimates, call Tammy at 603-641-9814 ext. 352 or use the form to email us!

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The inserts look great. I'm really happy with the finished product. Thank you for your follow up and I hope to reorder soon!

Seth K., New York, NY