Corrugated Pallets, Boxes, Partitions, Pads 

Index Packaging, Inc. houses a well-equipped corrugated manufacturing facility producing a wide range of corrugated products including boxes, pallets, pads, and partitions. 

We offer a variety of in-stock sizes for fast delivery and armed with our cutting-edge on-site design team, we can custom design and manufacture corrugated products to meet your packaging and shipping requirements.

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These strong alternatives to wooden pallets offer a greener way to transport products without compromising on quality or performance.

Compared to wooden pallets, corrugated pallets are

  • Hygienic – No wood insects or mold; accepted in medical environments.
  • Lightweight – Save on shipping costs and carbon emissions.
  • Safer – No nails or splinters.
  • Easily recyclable. 


Ship your products as safely as possible with corrugated partitions and pads to supplement your package design. 

Partitions are a way of separating units that coexist on one layer, preventing your products from hitting against and damaging one another. 

Pads are how you separate each layer from the next. They prevent you from stacking your products directly on top of one another. 

Using partitions and pads when packaging your inventory can save your company the time and money spent on replacing damaged inventory. Corrugated partitions and pads organize your units so that you may ship them as efficiently as possible with the peace of mind that they will arrive at their destination safely. 


Index Packaging is equipped with a “Kwikset” die cutter for short-run die cut corrugated box needs. This style of box is convenient as they can be shipped flat and folded for assembly without the need for gluing or stitching. A steel rule die is needed to manufacture these boxes (one-time tooling charge). This style is typically made using single-wall material and Index Packaging currently stocks several grades of single-wall corrugated boxes.  


Corrugated boxes are available in a range of sizes and can be custom manufactured to your specs in most any configuration and construction style in paper/cardboard/fiberboard.

  • Single wall, double wall, triple wall
  • RSC
  • FOL
  • FTC
  • HSC
  • Brown or clay white
  • Assembled or delivered flat, folded, with lids, or handles.
  • Specialty packaging applications from heavy duty industrial component shipping to fruit and food mailing boxes.

Glued Joints

About Box Joints 

Glued joints are made by applying glue to one flap of a box and adhering it to another side, creating a corner. These joints are our most common and are applicable in most situations. However, they don't perform as well as stitched joints in cases of heavier products. The glued flap can appear on the inside or the outside of the box.

Stitched joints are created by stapling two sides of a box together to create aStitched corrugated boxes corner. These joints are less common but perform very well for shipping heavy products or in high-impact shipping conditions. Just like the glued joints, the stapled flaps can appear on the inside or the outside of the box.

Index Packaging, Inc. is an established corrugated box supplier and custom corrugated manufacturer, eager to fulfill your packaging requirements. Contact us today and we will help you transport your inventory in the safest and most efficient manner possible.

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