EzeeSnap Snap-to-fit Insulated Box Liners 

EzeeSnap is our patented lightweight packaging solution for adding rigid insulating expanded polystyrene foam protection to any box. 

Made in USA at the Plastifoam division of Index Packaging, Inc.

There is no measuring, cutting, or mess! Simply snap the polystyrene sheets along any of the scores to quickly and easily get a straight, clean sheet of rigid foam padding. EzeeSnap is ideal for cushioning flat objects, and blocking and bracing inside a box. You can even use the leftover portions for smaller boxes or as box filler material!

For small quantities of refrigerated and perishable products, EzeeSnap provides an insulated packaging alternative at a lower cost than "shape molded" boxes, which come in limited standard sizes and may require custom molding at a higher cost. Custom insulated shipping boxes available.

EzeeSnap insulated foam box liners - compare to Styrofoam box liners

Please tell us if you need shipping boxes and cases to accompany Ezee products!

Save money - use less foam!


EzeeSnap's 24" x 24" x 1" sheets are scored at 1" intervals in one direction and at 2" intervals in the other direction.

Compression strength = 1000 lbs per sq. foot.

Insulation R-value = 4.0 per inch.

Sold by the case. Each case contains 15 sheets.

Insulated foam box liners - EzeeSnap custom fit to any size box

Priced as low as $3.58 per sheet. For discount pricing on pallet (16cs) quantities, call 603-641-9814 ext. 352 or email quotes@plastifoam.com.

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